What is a Nurse Practitioner?

At our recent Patient Participation Group meeting it was apparent that many patients were not aware of the role of Nurse Practitioners and the important part which they now play in the provision of modern healthcare. It was identified that, as a practice, we need to communicate this better to our patients.

Park Lane Practice is fortunate to have three Nurse Practitioners - two are Advanced Nurse Practitioners and one is an Emergency Nurse Practitioner. All of them are trained specialist nurses who have undertaken additional education in order to provide advanced nursing care and are able to independently prescribe medication within their professional competency.

Nurse Practitioners can provide treatment and advice for many problems for which you may have seen a doctor for in the past. This means that efficiency in the practice is improved and the doctors' appointments can be used for more complex cases.

The main areas of expertise of Nurse Practitioners are in the management of common illnesses and long term conditions.The Nurse Practitioner can assess and examine you, make a diagnosis and provide advice and treatment including issuing a prescription if required. They can make referrals to hospital doctors or other health care professionals, and even admit patients into hospital when necessary.

Nurse Practitioner appointments are generally available 'on the day' or can be pre-booked if required. Please rest assured that they work closely with the GPs and are always able to liaise with them about your care if required.