What are the Swindon SUCCESS Centres?

The SUCCESS (Swindon Urgent Care Centre and Expedited Surgery Scheme) Centres are two clinics operated by a company called Medvivo on behalf of Swindon CCG. The SUCCESS Centres are located within Moredon Medical Centre and the new Swindon Health Centre in Islington Street and each offer timed appointments with a GP or Nurse Practitioner.

The centres were conceived to help support Swindon GP Practices by offering quick and easy access for patients with simple acute medical problems such as infections. By the practice offering suitable patients an appointment at the SUCCESS centre, more of our own GPs' time is kept available to see patients with longstanding or complex conditions which are not appropriate for treatment at the SUCCESS centres. These patients are then also able to be seen sooner.

Park Lane Practice is able to book an appointment for patients who are referred to SUCCESS and these are often only 1-4 hours from the time of calling.

Subject to your consent, the SUCCESS centre will receive a basic summary of your medical information and the record of your subsequent consultation with SUCCESS is sent electronically into your patient record at the practice.

Use of the SUCCESS centres improves overall access to care for ALL our patients and we would ask that those who are asked to go to SUCCESS agree to do this - please bear in mind there are many other patients with complex needs who really need to see one of our own doctors.

Thank you for your help.