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    Practice Polices & Service Information

    This section lists some of the most important Practice Policies and supporting service information. It is not practical to list all of the Practice policies on this website but some are listed below or covered in our Practice Leaflet . Alternatively, please speak to our Practice Manager if you require details of our other policies.


    Under NHS regulations all GPs are required to compile a register of carers. This identifies carers and their needs so that support can be offered when needed if you care for a relative, friend or neighbour who is dependent on that help.

    Click here to access our dedicated Carers page.

    Also see our Carers Policy

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    The consultation that takes place between a patient and their Doctor/Nurse is private and confidential. Quite often an examination is required to help make a diagnosis. This may be straightforward or sometimes can be more personal or of a sensitive nature.

    Under these circumstances your Doctor will normally seek your agreement to a Nurse or other staff member being present or, if a relative or friend has accompanied you to the Surgery, they may be able to act as a Chaperone if you wish.

    If a chaperone is not offered but you would like someone to be present, do not be afraid to tell your doctor.

    Procedures which are generally regarded as being of a sensitive nature are:

    • Cervical cytology
    • Gynaecological
    • Testicular
    • Breast Examination
    • Rectal Examination

    See our Chaperone Policy

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    The practice tries very hard to offer a helpful and friendly service to their patients with a high quality and standard of care. However, there may occasions when, despite our best efforts, you may feel that you have cause to complain.

    We do take your complaints or suggestions very seriously and encourage you to tell us if you feel that our standard of service has fallen short of your expectations. If you wish to speak to our Practice Manager about any concerns that you have she can be contacted on the main practice telephone number and will be happy to discuss your problem.


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    IT / Electronic Patient Records - Statement of Compliance

    IT / Electronic Patient Records - Statement of Compliance by Park Lane Practice, 7-9 Park Lane, Swindon SN1 5HG.
    New contractual requirements came into force from 1st April 2015 requiring that GP practices should make available a statement of compliance in relation to the following IT developments. Please click here to download our Statement of Compliance.

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    NHS Constitution

    The NHS is founded on a common set of principles and values that bind together the communities and people it serves – patients and public – and the staff who work for it.

    This Constitution establishes the principles and values of the NHS in England.

    It sets out rights to which patients, public and staff are entitled, and pledges which the NHS is committed to achieve, together with responsibilities which the public, patients and staff owe to one another to ensure that the NHS operates fairly and effectively.

    All NHS bodies and private and third sector providers supplying NHS services are required by law to take account of this Constitution in their decisions and actions.

    The Constitution will be renewed every 10 years, with the involvement of the public, patients and staff.

    Please click HERE to view the NHS Constitution

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    Golden Rules of Being a Good Patient

    Please help us to help you:

    • Please keep your appointment or cancel it as early as possible if you don't need it so that it can be offered to someone who does.
    • Arrive on time for your appointment - remember, you may not be seen if you are late.
    • Please remember that an appointment is for one person only.
    • If you have a long list of health problems you wish to discuss, ask the receptionist for a double appointment - if not, the doctor may not be able to deal with all your problems at once without keeping other patients waiting.
    • Wear loose clothing that is easy and quick to remove for examination, especially cervical smear tests.
    • Please treat our reception staff with courtesy - they are very busy trying to balance helping patients and supporting the doctors' and nurses' surgeries.
    • Help the receptionists to help you - give them as much information as you can so that they can understand your needs.
    • Please inform us of any changes to your address or telephone number.
    • Home visits should only be requested for patients who are physically unable to come to the surgery.
    • Remember that an out of hours visit is for real emergencies, think - can it wait until surgery is next open?
    • Tell us if you feel that the service has not met your expectations. We recognise that we do not always get things right, but with your help we can keep improving.
    • We are committed to giving you the best possible service. This will be achieved by working together.
    • Treat our surgery premises with consideration.

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    Patients' Charter

    • To provide the highest quality care and services within the resources at our disposal and to constantly seek to improve.
    • To give urgent medical care priority.
    • To ensure that the Practice Team respect and keep patients' confidentiality. To make available a room away from the reception area for confidential matters to be discussed.
    • To put patients in contact with other members of the Primary Health Care Team e.g. District Nurse, Health Visitor, when appropriate.
    • Be seen within 30 minutes of appointment. If for any reason you cannot be seen within this time an explanation will be provided.
    • To ensure that practice staff are courteous at all times.
    • To be referred to a Consultant when your GP thinks it is necessary and to be referred for a second opinion if both you and your GP agree that this is desirable.
    • To have access to your medical records written after November 1991 and to know that those working in the NHS will, by law, keep their contents confidential.
    • Patients should understand that home visits are made at the discretion of the doctor and not for the convenience of patients.
    • Remember that an out of hours visit is for real emergencies, think - can it wait until surgery is next open?
    • Out of hours consultations are not for routine, non-urgent matters.

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    Zero Tolerance to Violence Policy

    All practices, in line with government guidelines, have a 'Zero Tolerance to Violence' policy. This means that any violent or abusive behaviour or perceived threatening behaviour, whether verbal or otherwise to staff or members of the public on practice premises will not be tolerated. We can refuse to provide a service, report the incident to the Police and request that the patient and their family be removed from their practice list.