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    Patient Feedback Results and Actions

    The practice values feedback from our patients and this comes from three main sources:

    Friends and Family Test

    The practice is contractually required to operate the Friends and Family Test and this is by far the largest source of feedback with 100-130 patients responding each month. Feedback can be given by SMS text, by filling in a form in reception or via the practice website and has the great advantage of 'real time' feedback from patients actually using our services. Our Friends and Family scores have improved considerably over the last 18 months.

    National GP Survey

    This survey is run by Ipsos MORI on behalf of NHS England. It provides more detailed feedback but generally has a low number of responses - last year only 91 surveys were completed which represents less than 1.5% of our practice population and is a tiny fraction of the amount of Friends and Family feedback we receive. Other disadvantages are the long delays between collecting the data and survey publication and the fact that patients are selected at random so this will include some who may have not needed to use the surgery for a very long time. Indeed, for the most recent survey (published in July 2017) over 40% of replies were from patients that had last attended the practice over a year prior to the publication.

    NHS Website Feedback

    We receive occasional and sporadic feedback via the NHS website.

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